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Vanellix specializes in data analytics for businesses of all sizes. We have 12 years of experience working closely with a chain of restaurants, developing their internal software for control, loyalty programs, advertising campaigns and more. Let Vanellix help your business reach its full potential.

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Services and Solutions for Businesses is a comprehensive website that offers a range of services and solutions for businesses, including:
- Vanellix Development: Custom software and mobile app development solutions.
- Vanellix Eat: Delivery and e-commerce platform for restaurants and businesses.
- Vanellix Host: Web hosting and domain management services.
- Vanellix Analytics: Data analytics tool for tracking and optimizing business performance.

Specialists in Development for Business Intelligence

At we specialize in the implementation of restaurant management software with a main focus on delivery. We have integrations with the best-known shipping platforms such as: Uber, Rappi and your own.

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Notero loved from thoudsands customer worldwide and get trusted from big companies.

“We've been working with Vanellix for the past few years and have seen firsthand the positive impact their delivery and e-commerce solutions have had on our clients.” / General Manager

“Working with Vanellix has been a game changer for our business. Their human capital management platform has helped us streamline our internal processes and increase efficiency, leading to improved performance and higher profits.” / CEO