About Our Company

Empower Your Business with Vanellix

Vanellix is ​​a company that offers technological solutions for companies.

Elevate your Business with Vanellix

Here at Vanellix, we've been providing innovative technological solutions for businesses since 2010. In 2018, we launched our human capital management platform, which has helped many companies improve their performance and increase efficiency in their internal processes.

Transform Your Business with Vanellix Eat

In 2022, Vanellix Eat expanded to the United States and Chile and launched our new delivery management platform, which helps restaurants and businesses improve their sales and customer experience through our easy-to-use delivery and e-commerce software. With Vanellix Eat, restaurants can track their orders in real-time and have a detailed control of their sales and inventory.

Boost Your Sales with Vanellix Eat

Currently, Vanellix Eat offers customized and tailored e-commerce and delivery solutions to meet the needs of each customer. We also offer digital marketing services in collaboration with ChaseAds, a company with a long track record in the market that has doubled sales at large restaurant chains and holds the record for delivery sales in Chile per branch.

Elevate Your Business with Vanellix

At Vanellix, we are committed to helping businesses thrive and succeed through the use of our technology. Thank you for choosing Vanellix for all of your business needs!